Recent research suggests that progress in digital transformation is slow and limited to pockets of success in many organizations. Achieving meaningful change in an environment filled with unpredictability and more risk-adverse mindsets requires a deeper level of investment in digital transformation and a closer look at how the organization can fully embrace it.

This report—based on data collected from a survey of decision makers and managers from large manufacturers, many operating multiple plants—uncovers the specific challenges and opportunities to accelerate digital transformation and improve competitive edge.

The survey uncovered several areas where companies could create a new road map for digital transformation, including:

  • investing in incremental transformation;
  • putting digitization at the core of continuous improvement;
  • shaping the digital worker;
  • increasing visibility across the enterprise.

Download this report for a detailed look at the future of digital transformation and how the most successful organizations are getting beyond stuck in their ability to prepare for a future filled with unknowns.

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